Marta Jonsson


Shoes and Ankle Boots

Marta Jonsson, crafts her shoes and boots with a standard C fit for the feet. Currently we do not offer half sizes. If you are in between sizes, or one of your foot is slightly larger take a size up. Often it is possible to adjust a slightly larger fit with a good quality ½ or full leather insole. *Selected Marta Jonsson styles are available in a size 42.

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Women’s shoe sizeStandard C Fit (Circumference of the widest part of foot)
363621.5 – 23.0
3746.522.0 – 23.5
3857.522.5 – 24.0
396823.0 – 24.5
407923.5 – 25.0
4181024.0 – 25.5
42*91124.5 – 26.0
Foot width

Foot width – How to measure?

  • Use a fabric tape measure graded in centimetres, place flat on the floor with cm side facing down.
  • Place the widest part of your foot on top of the tape measure.
  • Pull the tape measure around the widest part of your foot, measuring the circumference of your foot. Normally the widest part of your foot is the joint next to your big toe to the joint next to our little toe.
  • Measure both feet in this way and note the measurements of both feet.

Use the larger measurement in cm, as a guide to which shoe size is most likely to be suitable for you by reading the table above, set out in Continental, UK and USA sizes.


Having established your size from the table above, please follow the guidelines below on how we recommend measuring calf width and leg height to ensure the best fit with our boots.

Boot height – How to measure?

For each calf, or full length boot we specify the length of the boot (excluding the heel) in the product description.

  • Sit on a chair with your feet flat on the floor and knees at 90 degree angle.
  • Use a fabric tape measure. Hold the start of the tape measure behind the heel of our foot and measure up the leg at the back of the leg.
  • Going by the height measurement given for your chosen boot style and size, you’ll be able to see where about the top line of the boot will sit on your leg.

Leg width / Calf measurements – How to measure?

For each calf or full length boot we specify the circumference of the top-line of the boot shaft.

  • Use a fabric tape measure graded in centimetres.
  • Stand with your feet flat on the floor. If wearing trousers, make sure to roll up or take a second measurement if you want to use boots over your trousers.
  • Wrap the tape measure around the leg/calf where the topline of the boot will sit, ensure the tape is snug around your leg/calf and measure to the nearest full cm. Measure both legs/calves to be on the safe side.

Heel height – How to measure?

Heel height for shoes can be measured in different ways. The ways in which we measure the heel & platform heights are as shown on the diagram below.